You Have To Try Luna Coffee, One of Canada’s Best Coffee Roasters

Written by:
Claire Iverson
Photography By:
Jordy Lok

Vancouver, which runs on nearly 95 percent renewable energy, is the greenest city in North America. Per capita, it produces less greenhouse gases than any other city on the continent. So it makes perfect sense that Vancouver is home to Luna Coffee, a company dedicated to serving “light, bright, and delightful” coffee through sustainable means.

Founded in 2017 by coffee professionals Nate Welland and Laura Perry, the company doesn’t have a space of their own (again, very green) but can be found at other local shops around Vancouver. Luna Coffee is also available by mail through their website.

Luna specializes in lighter, Scandinavian-esk roasting, to “maximize sweetness and brightness in coffee.”

Who Founded Luna Coffee?

Co-founders of Luna Coffee in Vancouver

“Life partners” and Luna co-founders, Nate Welland, 33, and Laura Perry, 34, have been in the coffee business for over a decade. Welland roasts while Perry sources and buys.

After years of travel and working for others, they were ready to plant roots of their own.

They’re a true dynamic-duo.

When Did Luna Coffee Launch?

Luna launched softly at Vancouver’s first-ever Beanstock Coffee Festival in 2017.

“My boss at the time, Dusty Smith, actually bought us the table for the festival,” says Welland. “That was great because not only did we not have much money, but it was just really encouraging to have someone so talented and well-established support us as we got started.”

Smith also helped get Luna off the ground by renting Welland and Perry his roasting space at night. After Welland spent the day roasting for Agro Coffee Roasters, he’d come back at night to roast for Luna.

During the beginning stage of Luna, Perry was across the globe sourcing beans for another company. In April of 2018, she quit her job and joined Welland in Vancouver to work on Luna full-time.

Luna Coffee Finds a Full Time Roasting Space

Since the dawn of Luna, Welland and Perry had been looking for their own roasting site.

“We had really specific requisites,” says Perry. “But none of the places we saw met them all.”

In May of 2018, shortly after Perry joined the company full-time, a fully-furnished roasting site popped up in Langley, Vancouver.

The Light, Bright, And Delightful Labels of Luna Coffee

A bag of Luna Coffee from Vancouver, Canada

Photo by Corey Adams

In addition to roasting the beans, Welland craftily pairs art — specifically, label art — with coffee flavors. Just like Monarch Coffee in Kansas City, Luna wants their bags to speak for the coffee itself.

“When you’re looking at a shelf filled with fifteen different coffee blends, and you’ve never tried that blend or brand before, it can be hard to decide which one you want based on flavor,” Welland says. “We want our labels to be an expression of the flavor of the coffee. If this design or these colors entice you, so will this coffee.”

Welland creates the art himself using Photoshop and Illustrator — skills he learned while studying visual art at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. The multi-colored, marbled labels arouse sensations of warmth, richness, and complexity — which you’re sure to find upon tasting the coffee.

What Makes Luna Coffee Special?

A bag of Luna Coffee in the mountains

Photo by Corey Adams

Luna is small — just Welland and Perry — for a reason.

Perry sees coffee as a lens for people to better understand bean origin country culture. And keeping the company small allows Luna to keep that lens focused.

“We have the opportunity to buy from a growing roster of growers and producers, unfettered by the budgets and financial caps that are so often cited by larger companies, claiming they can’t afford to pay sustainable prices for raw materials,” says Perry.

Welland agrees with this ethos.

“The idea here is to push Luna to a place where we can be sure our suppliers are having just as good of a time running their businesses as we are – Coffee can be a wonderful and fun industry – but we need to make sure everyone is treated properly before we can really celebrate flavor”

Because of their industry experience and commitment to producer relations, Luna Coffee provides some of the highest-quality beans money can buy.

The Bottom Line On Luna Coffee

Matt Welland and Laura Perry make Luna Coffee in an alley

Luna doesn’t have its own cafe. And don’t hold your breath. Welland and Perry are confident in their mission to help people brew quality, green beans at home.

To experience Luna, consider a monthly subscription.

“We do a different kind of subscription where we curate two unique coffees each month alongside a zine focused on the coffees themselves and topics surrounding them,” says Perry. “We try to always share a blend that’s from a specific variety or process.”

You can also experience Luna Coffee at local Vancouver hotspots such as Revolver Coffee, Nemesis Coffee, and Small Victory bakery.

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