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Driftaway Coffee doesn’t do retail or cafés. But what they offer is even better, especially as coronavirus forces people to learn new ways to enjoy their favorite things from home.

Founded in 2013 by Anu Menon and Suyog Mody, the Driftaway Coffee subscription service brings delicious, sustainably-sourced beans to your doorstep through personalized, consistent, and diverse coffee subscriptions.

The brand name Driftaway refers to how coffee moves — aka “drifts” — from plant to consumer. It also references the wonderful sensation of sipping your first coffee of the day — causing you to drift through a luxuriant wonderland of flavors.

The History Behind Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

A heart made of coffee beans from Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

Throughout high school and college, Menon and Mody liked coffee, but really just for the caffeine.

But after receiving an espresso machine and grinder as a wedding present, they started to appreciate the beverage a bit more. A routine quickly formed. Buy whole beans. Every morning grind, brew, and drink coffee.

And as their addiction to coffee blossomed, they learned its many marvels, one being that freshly roasted beans are a game changer.

One night, inspired by the words of Steve Jobs (“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”), Menon and Mody realized how eager they both were to find what they loved and do great work.

In Brooklyn, they found that neither the cafés around them nor the available subscription services provided beans they consistently loved.

With a few years of marketing under their belts, and with Mody coming from a line of entrepreneurs, it was pretty clear what to do next.

What Makes The Driftway Coffee Subscription Service Special?

A menu from the Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

Driftaway Coffee is dedicated to helping anyone find their ideal cup of coffee.

How? By playing matchmaker.

First, Driftaway gets you acquainted with four general coffee flavors. There’s fruity, consisting of light roasted African coffees, typically with delicate or floral notes. Then there are classic, or medium roasted coffees, usually from South America, with chocolatey and nutty notes. Balanced consists of light to medium roasted coffees, usually from Central America, that balance chocolate and fruity notes. And last but not least, Bold: i.e., dark roasted coffees from around the world, with bold, rich flavors.

Within a few days of placing an order, customers receive a sampler kit in the mail. Inside sits four bags, each filled with a bean type mentioned above.

The samplers range in size — from four, two-ounce bags to four, one-pound bags — as well as grind type, such as aeropress, drip, Chemex, pour over, French Press, espresso, or whole bean. Depending on preferred size and grind type, the samplers cost between $16.50 and $46.00.

Then the fun begins. Sampling!

Sampling Driftaway Coffee

Bags of coffee from the Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

Driftaway makes it easy for you to rate the coffee, offering a simple sliding scale from “like” to “dislike.”

Moreover they help you to understand each coffee, offering tips on how to identify tasting notes, proposing a range of tasting notes, and explaining coffee terms — for example, “body: describe the body of the cup. Was it closer to water or milk?”

From then on, your future boxes will include coffees — changing every four months — aligned with your palate.

Driftaway Coffee Builds Relationships With Farmers

A farmer from the Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

The Driftway Coffee subscription service helps the consumer learn not only about their coffee palate but about the supply chain.

Upon their first origin trip in 2017 to Costa Rica and Guatemala, Menon and Mody saw first hand how much happens to the bean before it gets to them for roasting.

For every pound of coffee roasted, Driftaway Coffee donates 5 cents to the World Coffee Research — whose mission is to “grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.”

With each blend comes a vintage luggage tag-like label informing consumers where their coffee was sourced. Additionally, customers get a postcard-like information card including the producer’s story, roaster’s notes, and fun facts.

And get this — through The Farmer Feedback Program, Driftaway Coffee facilitates correspondence between the consumer and the farmer, allowing consumers to share valuable feedback on the coffee and thank-yous with the farmers who grew it.

Driftaway Coffee Packaging: Eco Friendly, Coffee Friendly

A box from the Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

As a coffee delivery service, Driftaway Coffee knows the effects of delivery on both the environment and the quality of coffee.

One of the many ways Driftaway Coffee aims to reduce waste is by using 100 percent renewable packaging made from sugar-cane waste fiber. So instead of tossing your kit box amidst a pile of Amazon refuse, recycle it or add it to your compost — it’s certified compostable!

Additionally, Driftaway Coffee goes through great lengths to ensure the quality of their beans. Within six hours of roasting at a shared facility in Brooklyn, New York, Driftaway Coffee packages and ships their whole or pre-ground beans in form-fitting and durable bundles — blocking threats to bean integrity such as moisture, UV rays and oxygen.

In this way, consumers can brew and enjoy their first cup of Driftaway Coffee within two to five days of roasting. Roasters deem a few days to a few weeks an appropriate amount of time between roasting and the first brew, depending on how one stores and prepares the beans.

The Bottom Line On Driftaway Coffee

Bags from the Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

The Driftaway Coffee website lays out every step of the farm-to-cup process. They answer the who, what, where, and when of how the bean is sourced, processed, roasted, and moved across the world.

On average, an 11-ounce bag of roasted coffee costs $17 — with free shipping in the US. Click here to find an honest cost breakdown.

Driftaway Coffee also offers personalized gift subscriptions, cold brew, and gear.

Receive the best-smelling package on your block and find your coffee palate by subscribing to Driftway Coffee today.

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