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Want to tour the world? COVID makes that difficult (not to mention the cost), but that’s why we love the Atlas Coffee Club. Founded in 2015, the Atlas Coffee Of The Month Club subscription helps people tour the world by means of coffee — at an affordable cost and from their own homes.

To partake in the club, select your preferred roast profile, number of bags per shipment, subscription frequency, and grind type. Atlas will then deliver a curated package directly to your door. The price varies depending on the number of bags of coffee; however, in general, a six-ounce half-bag costs $9, and a twelve-ounce bag costs $14. A pack of two twelve-ounce bags costs $24.

With each package comes information about the bean — where and at what elevation it was grown, the recommended preparation method, and tasting notes, as well as a postcard from the bean’s country of origin. In a paragraph, the postcard explains the country’s historic and present relationship with coffee. Each bag displays designs inspired by local landscapes and textiles.

To try coffee from a specific country, browse Atlas Coffee Club’s collection of past offerings. The collection includes coffee from some of the world’s fifty coffee-producing countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, and Kenya, to name a few.

What Is The Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee of the Month Subscription Club Map

Atlas Coffee Club is a direct-to-consumer coffee subscription service. But it does far more than just delivering coffee to your doorstep.

Each month, the club finds the best coffee in a given country by meticulously sampling from a myriad of producers. Additionally, Atlas Coffee Club offers sustainable prices to the producers for the beans — ensuring producers can develop their businesses, practice healthy farming, and produce quality coffee.

Furthermore, Atlas connects each blend to a time and place. And they deliver ground or whole beans immediately after roasting, ensuring the freshness and quality of the final product.

Together, these steps help Atlas Coffee Club customers enjoy delicious coffee and better understand the world.

Where Does Atlas Coffee Club Get Their Beans?

Atlas Coffee of the Month Subscription Club Bags

Of the fifty coffee-producing countries in the world, Atlas has highlighted twenty of them. Their catalog includes high-quality beans from Myanmar, Zambia, Ecuador, Malawi, and more. And they’re just getting started.

Atlas Coffee Club’s Marketing Specialist, Kara Scully, adds, “We focus on coffee seasonality so we can plan out our offerings based on what will be in season in a given month.”

One of the things that makes Atlas unique in comparison to other premium coffee distributing companies is its focus on highlighting one country at a time, honing in on its coffee producers and farmers. According to Scully, Atlas’s in-house team — along with the help of specialty importers — is “always on the lookout for coffees that shine among the rest and offer something unique and delicious.”

The company cups 300+ specialty coffees a year and shares only twelve with subscribers, so they can experience the best representation of coffee from each country.

In short, Atlas goes to the ends of the Earth to find delicious coffee beans.

Firsthand Experience With Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee of the Month Subscription Club Colombia

Within hours of reaching out to Atlas for bean samples, I was welcomed with open arms into the club. An Atlas representative reached out to me to double-check if I wanted ground coffee or whole beans — I chose whole beans, of course!

A few days later, a package arrived at my doorstep. Inside were two neatly packed boxes, each decorated with the words, “Travel The World Of Coffee.” Inside each box, I found exactly what I was expecting: a postcard, a tasting card, and coffee.

Atlas lives up to its name, serving its customers quality, delicious coffee from around the world.

There is one pitfall: the website. If websites could talk, Atlas’s website wouldn’t say much. For an advanced coffee subscription service, their website is elementary.

The Bottom Line On Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee of the Month Subscription Club Coffee Bags

With global travel at an indefinite standstill, experiencing global cultures is harder than ever. And with ample time at home, making coffee at home is a cheaper and more sustainable way to enjoy coffee. Atlas Coffee Club’s subscription satisfies both.

Start your journey around the world, today!

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